Sean and Mittie | Why a San Miguel Summer Isn't What You'd Expect

Why a San Miguel Summer Isn’t What You’d Expect

Summer is the sticky, sweaty, outrageously hot time that pretty much everyone goes on vacation. Throw Mexico into that mix and visions of beaches and jungles come to mind. Though San Miguel de Allende is located in the semi-desertic Sierra Madre Mountains, and famous for its consistent year-round 70 degree blue skies, a San Miguel summer isn’t what you’d likely expect.

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Summertime in San Miguel is the rainy season. That used to mean that it wasn’t so different from the regular year-round cool in the mornings and evenings and hot in the middle of the day, punctuated by a 4pm-5pm rain and usually a few hours or rain in the middle of the night (between 1-4 am).

Nowadays our weather is far less predictable. While we still have many typical San Miguel days weather-wise, we also have many that are chilly, overcast and rainy. The rain is usually pretty heavy, but instead of a raining hard for short period of time it may last several hours, or all day.

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If visiting during this season there are some advantages:

1. Everything is green and lush, unlike our normal sun-baked dirt.

2. You probably live somewhere hot. It’s isn’t hot.

3. Rain adds some moisture to the air, toning down the surprising dryness of the San Miguel air.

4. Natural reserves, like Charco del Ingenio Botanical Gardens, and outdoor activities, like hiking Las Cabras, can be better with some clouds in the sky and moisture in the earth.

5. It’s a great excuse to grab a good book and stake out a cozy café in one of the colonial buildings to watch the rain come down.


Have you visited San Miguel de Allende in the rainy season? Was it recent? What were your experiences? Share your opinions and questions below.

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