Sean and Mittie | Travel Tips: How to Eat Well on the Road 4

Travel Tips: How to Eat Well on the Road

Eat well on the road

Eating well on the road can be a real challenge. Whether a short trip or a long one, being away from your kitchen and daily rituals can make staying healthy difficult. On top of that, health involves avoiding fast on-the-go options. Planning ahead helps you save money, makes your travel more efficient, and keeps you feeling good. Here are some tips for eating well while on the go.

Sean and Mittie | Travel Tips: How to Eat Well on the Road 5

1. Eat Well Before You Leave

Though this seems like an easy and obvious piece of advice, we often forget to do it. With the hectic rush we often experience just before departure time, we often run out the door without eating, forcing us to grab something on the road …something that might not be as healthy as we’d like. Eating a good, filling meal is great before we know we’ll be stuck at an airport, train or bus station where high quality food is scarce and prices are exaggerated.

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2. Pack A Lunch

Bring back those school-day skills and pack food for the trip. For shorter trips, pack a meal and a few snacks. For longer trips, especially overlanding, pack enough food for the trip. If going by car, bring a cooler with food, or a variety of non-perishables to eat on the trip. It’s a good way to ensure the healthiness of your diet on the road.


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3. Seek Out Fresh Produce

Often what we miss while on the go are fresh fruits and vegetables. Look for markets and stores with fresh produce, as well as nuts, and always keep a little with you to snack on as you go. It can go a long way to giving you more energy and nutrition throughout a long day of travel. In an airport they often sell apples or bananas, and certainly a smoothie or salad isn’t far away. If you’re on the road, bacterial disinfectant is a great thing to have on hand to clean produce as you travel.

4. Try Regional Specialities

When traveling in foreign lands, the tendency is to eat things we recognize and feel comfortable with – but often that can result in bland food geared toward tourists. Instead, try whatever the locals eat. In extreme environments, asking what fruits and vegetable the locals consume can be a fast track to eating healthy when nothing fresh seems to be around. For example, in the deserts of Mexico, they frequently eat the paddle cactus (nopal) and its white and red prickly pear fruits (tunas). Both have great health benefits, but the paddle cactus is truly an amazing plant – full of nutrition.

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5. Drink Water

We often hold back on our water consumption while traveling to avoid need to stop and hit the bathroom too much, but then wonder why travel gives us headaches and leaves us exhausted at the end of the day. Staying hydrated is crucial to feeling good! Be sure to drink purified water and if camping, or just in unfamiliar territory with questionable water, bring a purifier or water purifying additive.

How do you stay healthy when you’re on the road? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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