Take the Plunge!

Breaking out of the norm isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Sean and Mittie Provide you with the tools:

*Reading material to inspire and inform a deeper travel experience

*Workbooks, courses and classes to help you create your dream life.

*Community to support and inspire your journey

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This Summer, with the San Miguel Writer’s Conference, I’ll be offering a summer writing workshop: Blogging & Social Media Fundamentals for Writers.

Additional Classes

Travel Writing 101: Finding your voice and making it stand out

How to master Mexican Spanish in 2 years: The Gringo Edition (workbook accompanied by weekly online classes).

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Sean and Mittie | Take the Plunge 2

Made to inspire new perspectives through travel, These Boots Are Made For Walking: A Travel Journal and Workbook uses creative prompts to get you thinking differently, traveling more and experiencing life.

Sean and Mittie | Take the Plunge 3

Aurora by Mittie Babette Roger is a feast for the senses. Through balancing sound, imagery, and complex narrative, Mittie’s three compelling stories savor the untold emotions broiling in every household oven. A must-read if you have ever loved, or ever dream to.