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Borderless Podcast Features Sean and Mittie

We’re excited to announce that we were featured on the Borderless Podcast with James Guzman and John Lockwood! We discuss off the beaten path travel, becoming expats, traveling as a couple, and how to make money abroad. Take a listen!

The Borderless Podcast is geared toward making life easier for those of us who live beyond borders. Hosts James Guzman and Jonathan Lockwood do a great job at breaking down some of the trickier aspects of living abroad. Topics of discussion include making money abroad or online, choosing places to live with a low cost of living & a high quality of life, expat tax requirements, citizenship, residency, business incorporation, etc….

Big thanks to James and Jonathan for having us on the show! Tune in to more of their podcasts here!

Note: If you’ve already seen our Petrolicious video, you may want to jump ahead to the 8-minute mark as the beginning has excerpts of the audio from the video.

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