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Santa Fe Museums

A great way to get under the skin of any city is to check out their museums. Lucky for us, a new friendship with some art collection managers meant a more interesting and fun exploration of free Friday evening Santa Fe museums.


Sean Reagan Photography SITE was truly fascinating. The entire building was dedicated to a single exhibit, Enrique Martinez Celaya’s The Pearl, which I would describe as more of a nostalgic experience than a collection of visual art. It was multi-media, mixing sound, video, and objects from a half-forgotten memory. As we walked through the various rooms of his dreamscape, Rachael explained that the walls are built and torn down to facilitate the design of the artist’s concept in the space.

New Mexico Museum of Art

Sean Reagan Photography

The New Mexico Museum of Art was a nice mixture of older pieces and more contemporary works. One exhibit was dedicated to the evolution of art over history, and how objects transition from relics to art. Their contemporary section had several interesting pieces; including an enormous wheel of cut paper butterfly wings, AIDS Sushi, and a very frightening man with a jaguar face (I’m still having nightmares about that one).

Santa Fe

Santa Fe

New Mexico History Museum

The history museum was full of hard truths, indigenous peoples who were thrust together in assimilation or exile, the struggle for statehood and controversy with Mexico. The museum was really done with beautiful time pieces and great attention to detail. One of my favorite items was Pancho Villa’s death mask.

Sean Reagan Photography

Museums in downtown have free entrance on Fridays after five (though some start earlier.)

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