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Santa Fe Coffee Shop Review

As a freelance writer with a love for travel I spend a lot of time on the road and even more time in coffee shops. There are many factors that make a coffee shop truly great: good coffee (obviously!), consistent wifi, snappy staff, ambiance, and yummy, inexpensive grub …just to name a few. Here are my picks for Santa Fe!

5. Tea House

Just off Canyon Road, a stretch of every kind of art gallery the heart could possibly desire, this café serves great eats and delicious specialty teas in a lovely ambiance …but it’ll cost you.

-Great ambiance: outdoor seating, unique tables and chairs, southwest landscaping
-Spotty wifi: In our case, there was none at all
– Delicious though pricey food: Salmon salad $14, Mozzarella BLT 12$
– Exquisite though super pricey tea: Japanese Green Sencha 6$ (and tea removed so no chance for a second round of hot water)
-Bonus: No upcharge for gluten-free croutons
-Whammy: The price, all in all $50 for two people

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4. Counter Culture

A bit outside of town on Baca (though technically still in the Railyard), this funky café has a wide variety of inexpensive food and low-key environment for working.

– Cozy ambiance: Retro wallpaper
and friendly staff, seating both inside and out
– Steady wifi: Consistent wifi for work, not quite enough to stream
– Yummy, inexpensive eats: Burrito $5 (and sooooooo good), Oatmeal $5
-Great coffee: Variety of free-refill, organic coffees
-Bonus: Almond milk
-Whammy: Cash only, fly problem

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3. The Station

The Station is located in the Railyard, our favorite area of Santa Fe, right next to the trains and the farmers’ market. The staff is super helpful and fun, the coffee is great and you’re close to all sorts of good stuff.

-Cozy ambiance: Though small, there are power outlets at nearly every table, outside seating and no complaints about staying there all day
-Full throttle wifi: You can do it all with this wifi
-Great coffee!
-Amazing staff: They were funny and talkative, offering suggestions and just generally making you want to come back
-Bonus: Almond and coconut milk
-Whammy: No food, just gelato (what a nice problem to have!)

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2. Downtown Subscription

Tucked away off Canyon Road, it’s close enough to this popular area of town while still serving mainly locals. Consistent wifi, great coffee and a nice balance between quiet workspace and intriguing local haunt to keep you interested and coming back. I spent a large portion of my café work time here. It felt inviting and easy, while still being close to the action and avoiding tourists.

-Perfect ambiance: Just the right amount of intellectual conversation without being distracting
-Great wifi!
-Friendly staff: Helpful though not bothersome
-Small snack dishes: Organic burritos, quiche and pies
-Great coffee: Delicious Alegro coffee
-Bonus: Magazine Selection

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1. The Santa Fe Baking Co.

This one takes the cake. It’s a Santa Fe local favorite and it’s easy to see why. Great, inexpensive food, free refills of delicious organic coffee, a no-nonsense staff with a good sense of humor and spacious tables to work on – what else can you ask for?

-Spacious and comfortable
atmosphere: Big tables for spreading out makes the large room feel cozy.
-Great wifi!
-Delicious, inexpensive food: Smothered burrito and coffee combo $7.75
-Organic coffee with free refills: I love the Black Lightning!
-Playful, fun staff: No nonsense types, but with a sense of humor
-Bonus: Did I mention the free refills? Okay, then Rice Milk and fresh baked

What are you favorite coffee shops in Santa Fe? Share any I missed in the comments below!

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  • Carolyn Hall
    Posted at 19:12h, 01 October

    Wow! Thanks, Mittie! It also helps if someone we loves sets up the coffee the night before! Richard has been doing this since our daughter was born! She’s 41, now! Sounds like something Sean would do! 🙂

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