Roverlanding: Overlanding in a Land Rover Defender.

In other words, exploring places we couldn’t reach otherwise.

This is truly what we love to do. Explore new places, take our time, and really live the experience. La Poderosa, our ’95 NAS-D, is certainly what facilitates our adventures. She is, without a doubt, a crucial member of the Sean and Mittie team. Want to meet her? We can tell; she already wants to meet you. Learn about La Poderosa by clicking here.

Frans purchased a 1959 Series 2 109 Land Rover for long-term living so he could explore the West Coast of the United States and the Baja Peninsula....

In the desert, the mid-day sun sucks the breath from our lungs. It’s so hot and dry, we can barely breathe. My skin feels like someone else’s – so dry, my own touch feels foreign....

We crashed the Rover. Fortunately, no one was hurt. It wasn't raining, but the road was wet. We hit a slick spot while exiting the highway - the Rover first swerved and then, as I countered to stay on the asphalt, it spun 180 degrees, sending us into a ditch backward. Upon hitting the slope, the Rover flipped onto her side, landing in a water-filled ditch....

Recent Land Rover Publications

Nowhere to Go but Everywhere, Land Rover Monthly

Spring 2018

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” – Jack Kerouac

When Kerouac’s paradigm-shifting novel, On the Road, was published in 1957, the great American road trip was born. The idea of going just for the sake of it, without a destination in mind, inspired readers to venture in search of all of the adventure and breathtaking wonders that the United States had to offer – particularly in the west.

Sean and Mittie Land Rover

Fit for a Monarch, Rovers Magazine

Winter 2013

Follow us into the Mexican state of Michoacan. Through beautiful pine forests and rolling mountains – we stop in Morelia, Patzcuaro, and the little mountain town of Angangeo, where millions of Monarchs recoup from their migration south.

Sean and Mittie | Roverlanding 1

Freedom on Four Wheels, Land Rover Monthly

November 2016

This is about getting as far as possible on as little as possible. It’s about living the travel dream in Mexico and, in particular, a little nook that we love, Mineral de Pozos. A ghost town in semi-arid central Mexico, it plays host to some strange abandoned mining structures in the middle of the desert.


Sean and Mittie | Roverlanding 3

Down Mexico Way, Land Rover Monthly

February 2017

We’re clutching our seatbelt buckles as we hit the water and the Rover rolls on her side. It’s a scary moment as glass shatters and water rushes in. Objects in the vehicle become projectiles; something breaks the windscreen. Almost before we come to a halt, we’re out of our seats, wading through hip-deep swampy water toward the back of the vehicle – probably the first time on this epic adventure that we’re glad not to have windows.

Sean and Mittie Land Rover

Mundo Maya ’14, Rovers Magazine

Winter 2015

2600 miles through Guatemala, starting in Playa Tilapita on the western coast & traveling east through Quetzaltenango, Lake Atitlan, Antigua. Then north to Chichicastenango, Coban and Tikal before crossing into northern Belize.


Sean and Mittie | Roverlanding 7

Jungle Life, Land Rover Monthly

April 2016

Living in the high mountain desert of Central Mexico, we yearn for water. That’s when we take the Rover out adventuring in parts unknown to get a break from the dry, dusty plains and get our feet wet. Our rugged 1995 NAS Defender 90 does a great job of getting us into remote areas. Today she’s taking us somewhere we’ve never been – into the hot, wet heart of the Mexican jungles in the Huasteca Region.

Sean and Mittie | Roverlanding 2

Finding UJ in Mexico, Land Rover Monthly

September 2015

We venture out in the valley below Real de Catorce to explore the small towns, like Refugio de los 14, Santa Cruz de las Carretas, Estacion 14, Walde, Vanegas, and the fascinating desert flora and fauna. The trail we take out of Real is the old entrance to the town – a narrow road of dirt and rock heading down the mountain with a sharp drop off on the right. Signs caution: “4×4 vehicles only”. Further down, the trail comes to life with cactus blooms.

Mods & Maintenance Blog

We’ve been wresting with door sag on our Land Rover Defender for a while. The original cast aluminum Defender hinges have held up well for over 20 years but it’s time for an upgrade. We’ve opted to go with Offroad Monkeys’ heavy duty billet aluminum hinges and windscreen brackets. They’re beefy and beautiful....

New wheels are always fun. La Poderosa has had the same wheels for over 22 years. They’re aluminum alloys and they’re beautiful but flashy. It’s time for a change. The following is an account of our Land Rover alloy wheel refurbishment project....

Maintaining an overland vehicle - especially an older Rover - requires constant upkeep. And if you’re talking about vehicle-dependent travel as a way of life, preventative maintenance is the backbone of the whole operation. ...

Back home - with the damage done - we cleaned the ECU with PCB cleaner and still weren't getting any signal from the ECU to the injectors...