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AC Removal – Rover Maintenance

Rover Maintenance: AC Removal – 40lbs Lighter!

Returning from the 2641-mile drive through the winding roads of Guatemala, we recognized that gas mileage was definitely the limiting factor for our overland adventures. On this month-long trip, we were covering long distances about every other day and gasoline accounted for roughly 50% of our $3,000 budget.

While there isn’t much we can do in the short run about our 3.9-liter V8, we can streamline our vehicle a little. In addition to removing the heavy tire rack, we decided to also remove the almost-never-used air conditioning unit.

Eventually, we’d like to swap-out our 285/75R16 BFG Mud-Terrains for tires that perform better on pavement while still providing the needed traction off-road. In Mexico, we spend at least 30-40% of our time on pavement, particularly as we travel far to reach interesting corners of the country‚Ķit may not the smoothest pavement, but it’s pavement nonetheless so All-Terrains with a narrower track might do the job.

Sean and Mittie | AC Removal - Rover Maintenance

This AC removal project freed-up a lot of passenger legroom and lightened our load by 40lbs. Not bad!

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