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Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips

Since I’m about to hit the open road, I thought I might take a moment share with you guys (and to remind myself) about all the most important dos and don’ts of road tripping.

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Don’t Overpack

This is a pitfall for so many of us. It’s easy to think of your vehicle as one giant suitcase where you can fit everything, however, more weight can slow you down, actually costing you more in long road trips and the clutter can make you feel claustrophobic. Simplify what you bring; take as little as you can – especially personal items. Make the car feel spacious and clean by avoiding over-packing.

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Calculate Your Costs

This one is most important in International road trips where credit cards aren’t always accepted or where your card might not work. Factor in tolls, gas and add in a little extra for emergencies, then stash that cash somewhere accessible but hidden for the trip. In Mexico, you have a 50/50 chance of a gas station accepting a credit card and tolls are paid exclusively in cash. On the American side of the border, Mexican credit cards are frequently rejected for no reason at all. Yea for international banking!

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Plan Your Route

With the ease of GPS navigation why bother mapping out your route? Because technology is imperfect and sometimes fails us. Having a backup plan is just that, a secondary option if your phone dies, you run out of credit, or the GPS is wrong (which, shockingly, has happened to me more than once while getting off the beaten path.)

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Wear Comfy Clothes

Road trips are not for divas. Comfort is king – soft, baggy clothes, shoes you can kick off (or at least feel good on your feet) and layers in case the temperature changes with the terrain. Being comfortable in your clothes goes a long way to being comfortable in an enclosed space for a long time. My go to outfit: yoga pants, tee shirt, sweat shirt and either flip flops or tennis shoes depending on the weather.

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Pack A Lunch (or if you’re like me … pack two)

Stopping can be a hassle, especially if the options are bleak. Clear out the fridge before you hit the road and see what you can bring to munch on in the car. It saves you from losing time, paying for food you don’t really want anyway. I usually bring fresh fruit and veggies to snack on, water bottles, and whatever else seems like good road food.

Bring Basic Tools and First Aid

When traveling long distances you don’t know when or where trouble might strike. Having basic tools and first aid can get you going again if broken down or sick, or it can even save you in a survival situation should one arise.

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What are your go to tips and tricks for road tripping? Share them in the comments below!

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  • Sean Reagan
    Posted at 15:20h, 19 April Reply

    Overpacking is so easy to do!

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