Recommendation Corner: Rossco’s Hostel in San Cristobal de las Casas

Looking for a hostel in San Cristobal de Las Casas? This gorgeous, high-mountain colonial city beckons to tourists from all-over the world, and for exactly that reason it can be quite expensive. For a backpacker or overlander, finding an inexpensive, clean hostel that has nice facilities and attracts cool people is a must. Our recommendation in San Cristobal, which came down the line from friend and overlander Keith Porter of Frio to Fuego, is Rossco’s Backpacking Hostel.

Located 2 blocks away from the artisanal and food markets, and very near the central plaza and churches, we loved that we could walk everywhere. A large, open, patio meant we could park La Poderosa and feel at ease leaving her unattended (she doesn’t lock and is pretty much wide-open to the world.) The hostel was safe; we left things inside the vehicle, like yoga mats and firewood that we didn’t feel like schlepping into our room …I know you other overlanders out there feel me!)

The night that we arrived, we had particular fun chatting with the man running the front desk. Bilingual and with a great sense of humor, we got along right away. The prices were fair (actually quite inexpensive for this pricey city) at about 450/550 pesos for a private room per night. The rooms had enormous beds and in both cases and additional twin bed set up bunk style for families traveling with little ones.

We also really liked the layout of Rossco’s. The central patio has a fire pit with benches, a pool table, and a communal picnic table. They have an ample kitchen for cooking and two rooftop terraces with shade and sun for yoga, eating, computer work (they have wifi) or whatever one may wish to do with their time. We found the other guests to be friendly.

We really liked our stay at Rossco’s and next time we’re looking for a hostel in San Cristobal de las Casas we’ll know exactly where to go!

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