Recommendation Corner: Hostal El Pochon, Oaxaca City

Looking for a hostel in Oaxaca City? We love love love this little hostel called Hostal Pochon, just outside of the city center. An easy 8 minute walk into the heart of one of the coolest cities in Mexico, it’s far enough outside to be relatively quiet (except for the non-stop fireworks, of course. It is still in Mexico.)

We have stayed in Hostel Pochon three times now! And we plan to stay there from here on out; it’s our favorite hostel in Oaxaca.  Why do we keep going back? It’s not the simple, clean rooms, or the shared bathrooms (though there’s nothing at all wrong with them); it’s the energy of this special place and the kind of people that it attracts. It seems that every time we go we make new, amazing friends. We don’t just like Hostel Pochon, we LOVE it.

Plus, we adore the staff. They are all wonderful human beings who provide helpful info and services to their guests. Free wifi, bicycle rental and lock up, book and clothing exchange, occasional potluck dinners, tour and wellness options, movies and really delicious daily breakfasts are all cherries on the sundae.

Get there:


Phone + 01 951 516 1322
Email +

Callejon del Carmen 102 Col. Figueroa,
Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico

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