Recommendation Corner Don Juanito’s Oaxaca City

Even in Mexico, Oaxaca is famous for their cuisine. Considered one of the greatest international cuisines, the flavors are exuberant. After several trips to Oaxaca City, and many clinical trials of many different dishes and restaurants, we have settled on a favorite, one of the best restaurants in Oaxaca, Don Juanito’s.

Located on Porfirio Diaz and X, this restaurant has an extensive menu of inexpensively priced and out-of-this-world traditional Oaxacan dishes, including several spectacular Moles. Black Mole, Sean’s favorite, is one of Oaxaca’s most famous dishes, boasting of 19 ingredients, like chocolate, nuts and fruits, often served over chicken and rice; this dish is savory, rich and subtly sweet. My favorite Mole on the other hand is Mole Mixe, a spicy red Mole that comes from Mixe traditions, one of the 22 different indigenous groups in Oaxaca. It’s delicious!

They also have a variety of other scrumptious Mixe dishes, like a curative Ayuuk soup that I really loved. It’s spicy though, so, not for the faint of heart. They prepare delicious nopales, chapulines (fried grasshoppers), stuffed Poblano peppers and more.

And just in case you want a break from Mexican cuisine (we can’t imagine how that would happen!), they also have international dishes, like really good BBQ ribs. Not to mention, they have great cocktails and desserts, like flan. We also found their prices really accessible! You would actually pay the same for some taco stands, which was a big surprise considering the quality of the food was superb. We give this restaurant 5 stars!!

Buen Provecho!

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