Sean and Mittie | Recommendation Corner: Carmen's 3

Recommendation Corner: Carmen’s

Recommendation Corner: Carmen’s

There is no shortage of gorgeous gourmet restaurants in San Miguel de Allende, but sometimes you just want some authentic, regional Mexican food cooked to perfection at an adorable hole in the wall. Then, I highly recommend Carmen’s. There is nothing pretentious about this place! Just consistently good, inexpensive lunches right in Carmen’s kitchen.

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Sean and Mittie | Recommendation Corner: Carmen's 2

Among her daily plates she has chicken and beef “milanesa” (pounded, breaded and fried), and fried fish filet, served with Mexican rice, homemade beans and veggies; various enchiladas, soups, and 2 or 3 different daily fruit waters, such as mango, pineapple, guava and more. Generally a plate of food and fresh fruit water will run you about 50 pesos (US 3.33) and you will leave happy and full.

Carmen’s is located on the Ancha de San Antonio right next to the Pemex and Café Sol.


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