Sean and Mittie | Recommendation Corner: Amazing Buses of Mexico 2

Recommendation Corner: Amazing Buses of Mexico

Interested in the amazing buses of Mexico?

Most Americans cringe at the thought of bus travel, unless their familiar with Mexico’s transportation system. While buses in our homeland tend to be dirty, cramped and full of questionable folk, Mexico’s buses are quite the opposite: clean, spacious, inexpensive, safe and easy.

Sean and Mittie | Recommendation Corner: Amazing Buses of Mexico 1

Since I’ve been in Mexico, I’ve fallen hard for their buses for many reasons. I used to love to fly, but as seats get smaller, prices go up and the amount of time required going through security checks before a flight have become absolutely exorbitant. When you consider 3 hours before your flight, plus layovers, the difference between overlanding and flying doesn’t seem too distinct, except for the price.

So picture this: you arrive to the bus station 10 minutes before your departure time, carry as much luggage as you want/need to, get a snack and choice of drink, and settle into your seat which is the width of a plane seat and a half and stretch your feet all the way out without touching the seat in front of you. You lower your padded foot rest and recline back nearly 180 degrees, select whatever movie you want and relax until you get to your destination.

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