Rover maintenance rear cross member

Rear Crossmember Repair – Rover Maintenance

Read on for details on our rear cross member repair.

During this on-going Rover revamp, we took a moment to cut away parts of our badly-rusted rear cross member.

The salty roads of a dozen East Coast winters have taken their toll on our Defender, particularly behind the rear tires, where salty slush has accumulated. The high, dry desert of Mexico has been a relief in this regard, but the damage remains.

Sean and Mittie | Rear Crossmember Repair - Rover Maintenance 5

While it may not eliminate all rust and may ultimately be a temporary fix, patching the cross member was a simple and cost-effective way of removing unsightly rust. We’re lucky to live in Mexico where this kind of work is relatively inexpensive. Getting a new rear cross member is an option but it would have cost more. Besides, getting it down here would also take time and money. This job was completed in an afternoon for $130. Thanks again to metalworker Fernando and his team.

Below are some images of the rear crossmember repair.

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