Post Rollover Electrical Blues

Post-Rollover Electrical Blues

If you’ve been tuning in, you’ll know we took a bit of a spill in August 2016 – a watery rollover that left La Poderosa singing the post-rollover electrical blues. You can read all about that here.

Sean and Mittie | We Rolled the Rover in Vinton Louisiana 1

She got us home – all the way from Louisiana to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – but later would not start. The injectors weren’t getting the signal to fire.

When we opened the ECU, we realized it had a fair amount of caked, dry dirt inside it – which must have been swampy mud at the time it seeped in. Had we known, we would have cleaned it out before making our return.

Sean and Mittie | Post-Rollover Electrical Blues 3

Back home – with the damage done – we cleaned the ECU with PCB cleaner and still weren’t getting any signal from the ECU to the injectors; we ultimately changed the wires here and the injectors fired.

In the process of troubleshooting, we learned that some components of the electrical system had, over time, been removed and/or bypassed. The fuel pump, for example was connected directly to the ignition switch, which is not how it was originally.

Unfortunately, our ECU, the 14CUX which is in most Discos and older Range Rovers with the 3.9 V8, is a little too damaged to be reliable. As it stands, we must disconnect the battery when we leave the vehicle – otherwise, the ECU continues sending signal and slowly exhausts the battery.

Sean and Mittie | Post-Rollover Electrical Blues 1

While we’re not out of the woods on this project, we at least know what were working with…probably. We’re just glad to be okay after the accident and to be so close to getting back on the road. This is going to be an exciting year!

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