Sean and Mittie | My Favorite Produce Shop: Frutilandia

My Favorite Produce Shop: Frutilandia

My favorite local fruit and vegetable stand, Frutilandia, is located at 15 Cinco de Mayo, just a few blocks from where I live. I love the quality of the fresh produce, and the friendly, helpful staff. Nicolas Ayala has been in business for 5 years, and we’re thrilled that he is! It’s an ideal location for Guadiana, San Antonio, and Allende neighborhood, among others. Family owned and operated, I really like supporting small local business owners like Nicolas.

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I love fresh produce and I’m sure you do too. did you know that San Miguel de Allende was once famous for its fruit orchards? Once known for it’s plums and peaches, changes in climate and access to water ended the epoch of the orchard. Interestingly, the abundant fruit orchards and its workers actually inspired Dia de Los Locos, one of my favorite San Miguel holidays!

Nowadays, too many people are buying their fruits and veggies from chain grocery stores who import radiated produce. Environmental and ethical issues aside, there is a difference in flavor that can’t be missed.

Interested in knowing more great places to shop for groceries in San Miguel de Allende? Read this article to help keep you out of the Mega and Soriana, eating local and fresh!

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