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Motion Sickness: How to Alleviate Symptoms without Medication

I spend a lot of time on the road. I love it; I live for it …but it’s not so great when I’m nauseous and turning green (which used to happen with too much frequency to count.) I have found the most amazing remedy though – simple, inexpensive and easy, and it doesn’t involve taking meds that make me drowsy.

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I never got carsick as a kid. We took cross-country roadtrips to visit my sister in Northern California often and I read from departure to arrival, never contemplating the nasty idea of motion sickness. Now that I actually take road trips as my livelihood, I can’t go 5 minutes without feeling sick (especially on buses and in big trucks). Lucky for me, the shallow windshield of Poderosa (our Rover) is less nauseating than other vehicles …but still, if I’m going to spend 12 hours in a moving container feeling like crap, I must be some kind of masochist.

For Christmas, a friend (she’s a nurse here in Mexico) gave me these amazing wrist bands with acupressure points for motion sickness. I was skeptical. I mean I get really sick every time I set foot on a bus.  But, what do you know? They worked like a charm. No nausea, no icky sleepy dizziness (the technical term, obviously.)

Sean and Mittie | Motion Sickness: How to Alleviate Symptoms without Medication 1

So, I started pushing the motion sickness boundaries. What exactly can I do with these things on? Can I check my messages on my phone? Success. Take notes? Yes. READ??? No kidding! I can actually read a book now. I read aloud to Sean while he drives. These things are truly amazing. I can’t imagine my travel life without them.

Just thought I’d share the good news with all of you who take Dramamine with its unpleasant side effects to travel. No more taking meds! You can slip these bad boys on and – voila! Adios, motion sickness. On to the next adventure.

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  • Mary Katherine
    Posted at 18:46h, 14 December Reply

    Where can other motion sickness sufferers find these miracles?

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