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Louisiana Food

One of the best parts of visiting Louisiana is eating. That’s not to belittle the myriad of other reasons one might visit: the stellar music scene, the unique natural beauty of the swamps, and all the fun to be had in the partying in the French Quarter or outdoor activities in the Sportsman’s Paradise. But, for me, I tend to plan my trips around Louisiana food …crawfish and strawberry season.


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Crawfish, though unknown to much of the world, or known and not regarded as a food source, are one of the most delicious things you’ll ever eat. They can be prepared many ways, but the best is boiled with cajun spices, onions, garlic, corn and potatoes. On my most recent Louisiana visit, I went to a 5.5 ton (10,000 lb.) crawfish boil put on by Whitney bank for their clients. It was an impressive quantity of food and so, so good. Abita also makes a Strawberry Beer that is to die for – not too sweet, tart and flavorful while still retaining the delicious flavor of the hops.


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This is another dish I make sure to gorge myself on while in Louisiana, or anywhere else in the south for that matter. While I’m not a girl who eats fast food, there is one exception: Popeyes. And it’s a quintessential eat while passing through the Southeast US.

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A new phenomena has hit Louisiana, coming from Texas, which is Chicken and Waffles. During a stint working in Austin, I met and became intimate with said combination. It’s really popular there and though I did my share of sampling, the best I found was at 24hr Diner on South Lamar and 6th. Waffles smothered in honey butter and crunchy fried chicken with hot sauce – Delicious!

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So, as you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Chicken and Waffles have found there way to my hometown of Baton Rouge. Willy’s Chicken and Waffles is a new addition to the campus scene. Just off Nicholson, it’s in perfect tailgating range. And, it’s home of the Willy-Wich. What might you ask is a Willy-Wich? It’s delicious friend chicken sandwiched between two waffles with a side of tater tots. I’m a serious eater and Sean and I split it. At only 7.50, that’s quite a tasty deal!

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It wouldn´t be Louisiana without Po’Boys. Of course there are lots of places to get these great sandwiches, often consisting of fried fish, oysters or shrimp, sauces like remoulade and fluffy French Bread. We decided to get ours at Camelia Grill on Carrolton in New Orleans, which is an old standby favorite of mine, as well as some chili cheese fries and chocolate milkshakes. Classic America meets the seafood and French influences of New Orleans!  Yum!

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While sushi might not be on the tip of most traveler’s tongue when thinking of Louisiana, it should be. Unusual combinations of gulf seafood with traditional sushi ingredients makes for a culinary delight. For my taste, I love Ichiban. Especially after their recent remodeling, the restaurant is inviting and the food, delightful. My favorite cocktail is the Lychee Martini which is well worth a taste. Pictured above are the Ichiban Roll, Popeye Roll and Moscana Roll – just amazing.

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  • renea hanna
    Posted at 16:13h, 28 April

    i’ve yet to try chicken and waffles! definitely need to now. 🙂

  • Eva Hunter
    Posted at 17:45h, 28 April

    Liking this blog a lot, Mitti!

  • learntoflyJLS
    Posted at 02:59h, 29 April

    YUMmmmmmmm… I can’t wait to visit New Orleans for my first time, I have a feeling I will be in food heaven as my favorite cuisine is most definitely Cajun. Thanks for the recommendations Mittie!

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