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How to Keep Travel Burnout at Bay

How to Keep Travel Burnout at Bay

Whether you’re semi-nomadic or a weekend warrior, you’ve no doubt experienced travel burnout at one point. We say things to each other like “I need a vacation after my vacation.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a list of ways to avoid travel burnout.

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Slow Down

Travel isn’t a checklist. It’s not a contest of how many places you’ve been, and speeding from one place to the next is sure to tire you out. By slowing you down you not only save some of your energy reserves, you get to know the place better and enjoy your experiences more. Being in a hurry is an immediate fun dampener, and besides, by the time you’re finished rushing around – you’re exhausted. Take time to learn about the culture that surrounds you, to observe and be fully present without the pressure of a stacked itinerary.

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Take Time to Rest

This isn’t a marathon either. Take days off. Give yourself permission to do nothing. Whether that means laying by the pool, sitting by yourself in a café, or lying in bed watching movies all day – give into it. Allow yourself the freedom to do nothing but relax in whatever form you enjoy it most. It can replenish your energy reserves immensely.

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Take Care of Yourself

Sometimes we forget to take of ourselves when we’re on the road. Eating well, exercise, and taking nights off from partying in order to sleep well fall by the wayside as we find ourselves pushed to capitalize on every opportunity and burn out quickly because of it. Our bodies still require nutrition, good sleep, exercise and rest. Feeling run down? Eat a meal full of fresh veggies and lean protein, take a brisk walk and go to bed early. You’ll be startled by what a difference it will make on your energy level for the following days.

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Spoil Yourself

As a budget traveler, I run myself ragged at times by saving a buck. It’s good to remember that spoiling yourself isn’t a crime and sometimes it’s exactly what you need. Taking a night to sleep in plush accommodations, get a massage or eat a great, albeit pricey, meal can rejuvenate you, leaving you energized and ready to travel on.

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What are some tricks you use to keep travel burnout at bay? Share them with us in the comments below.

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