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How to Be Happy No Matter Where You Are

Be Happy No Matter Where You Are

For those of us who work a lot and don’t feel like they have time to invest in the things they enjoy, for those who spend time dreaming about plans but never actualize them, and for those movers and shakers who get frustrated when they have to put plans on pause for a bit, we all feel frustration in our lives. It’s part of experiencing the world, but it doesn’t have to make us unhappy.


Our senses collect a lot of information, but our brain is only aware of a small fraction of it. In many ways, we choose what to notice, what to pay attention to, and what to focus on, and that decision is colored by our general attitude and our mood that day. Based on our perspective, we can see things as exhilarating or stressful, interesting or boring, creative or mundane. Even the way people treat us is hinged on our perspective like taking things personally, overreacting and not hearing what the other person may really be saying.

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You don’t have to love everything in your life, but learn to appreciate the best parts. Notice the little things and give thanks for them. Congratulate yourself on your successes and focus on the things you enjoy, the things you do well and the things you aspire to do better and more often. Be quick to thank people for the positive role they have in your life – even if the moment is fleeting. Not only will it help your mood, it will help them see the moments when they succeed at kindness and compassion.

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There is a reason why optimists live longer happier lives than pessimists; they’re happier! Embrace happiness by choosing it. Thinking positive doesn’t require being fake, it means looking at each and every situation in a positive light, looking for the best case scenario instead of the worst, and trying to see the best in other people, as well as yourself. Affirmations help keep you positive, while the positive thoughts themselves help you see your life in a new light, full of possibility and wonder.


We live in a culture that encourages distraction and values productivity. Many of us spend time dreaming of a reality we don’t feel we could ever make real. Don’t waste your energy on listless wishing! Choose an attainable goal and make real steps (even if they are very small ones) toward achieving it, making you happier and giving you a sense of purpose in your daily life.

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And when all else fails, use the hardest circumstances of your life to teach you things. We all have volumes to learn on this great planet; ask yourself what can I learn from this uncomfortable or unpleasant situation? How can I be a better person from having experienced it? Could it teach me to be more patient? More courteous? Set boundaries? Communicate clearly? Be kinder? Use tough moments to grow personally, reinforcing your own personal ethics and values.

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Always Be Happy No Matter Where You Are! Got any ideas?

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