Seeking Less Traveled Adventure Destinations?

We love getting off the beaten path, especially in areas of pristine nature where we can camp, hike, explore and have quiet down time. Latin America is so rich in natural and cultural beauty! We love finding amazing lesser-known places and sharing them with you.

costa alegre
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Want Our Lessons from a Life on the Road?

This isn’t our first roadtrip …or our 20th. With 10 years of extensive travel experiences, we have certainly learned a thing or two. Here, we share our mistakes, insights and eureka moments with you.

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Interested in Location Independence and Freelancing?

Freelancing is a flexible art. Whether you’re a writer or photographer, a marketer or designer, a jack of all trades or somewhere in between, we share tips to help you streamline and organize with the purpose of being location independent, sustainably abundant and loving your travel life.

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Looking for Tips from the Overland Portal?

Traveling overland is unique in the sense that you see so much more. Driving through the hottest tourist spots and the strangest abandoned outskirts gives you a special perspective about a place. Slow travel, self-sustaining and vertical in nature is a different experience than hopping on a plane and getting off in your destination. Interested in learning more about overlanding and our tips about how to do it? You’ve come to the right place!

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Seeking Inspiration and Personal Growth through Travel?

Travel is and has been without a doubt one of our greatest teachers. Experiencing other cultures and ways of life opens us up to possibilities we couldn’t have imagined prior. Looking to get inspired and expand your horizons? Delve into our articles below to enjoy some of our take aways and prompt yourself to make your own new discoveries.

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We are so excited that you’re here! ¬†We hope we can help you reach your dreams of location independence. Meet us on film below!!

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