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Holidays Abroad

There’s always a mixture of excitement and nostalgia during the holidays, especially if you’re outside your country of origin. While many traditions are different, others are the same, and many people struggle to find themselves and their authentic experience away from home. Here are my tips for kicking the holiday blues.

1.       Get involved

There’s nothing better to distract you from your holiday woes than participating in the traditions of the place you’re in. Keeping your mind active by learning something new, observing different rituals and celebrating in the traditions of others can be enriching, fascinating and inspiring. Here in Mexico, posadas are the to-do of Christmas, so join in.

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2.       Try something new

The excitement of something new is perfect for a holiday away from home. Take the time to try a dish, drink, or ritual unique to the place you’re visiting. Not only will it be a welcome distraction, but in all likelihood it will also be fun. Or delicious. Like the fruit filled ponche served during the holiday season in Mexico.

3.       Pamper yourself

Not into partaking in other’s plans and looking for a more personalized experience? Take the time to pamper yourself. Whether it’s a special meal or a day at the hot springs, relax and do something you’ll really enjoy.

4.       Make your own traditions

Let yourself be inspired. Create traditions of your own. Keep your favorite parts and add new elements. Play and have fun no matter where you are.

5.       Use video chat to connect

With the magic of technology, we can connect nearly anywhere anytime, so take time to talk to the people you’re missing. A simple chat can get you in the right state of mind to adapt to your new surroundings and enjoy the experience.

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