Sean and Mittie | Ex-Hacienda Jaral de Berrio 13

Ex-Hacienda Jaral de Berrio

Sean and Mittie | Ex-Hacienda Jaral de Berrio 10

In the state of Guanajuato, we discovered this dilapidated treasure: the Ex-Hacienda Jaral de Berrio. On par with the opulence and decay we found in Havana, Cuba, the ex-hacienda was owned by one of the most influential families in Mexico.  Miguel de Berrio, for example, was named Marquis and acquired 99 haciendas by 1749. Ex-hacienda Jaral de Berrio functioned as the capitol of the family’s agrarian empire.

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At the height of their power, the third Marquis, Juan Nepomuceno de Moncada y Berrio, was the richest man in Mexico, one of the largest landowners in the country, and gave a hacienda to each of his 99 grandchildren. While they are most famous for fabricating mezcal, the brand Jaral de Berrio, they also prospered from making gunpowder.

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After the Revolution of ’38, everything was left to looters and the elements.

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Currently, three buildings stand: the first and most elaborate is equipped with an elegant double staircase and columns; the second is made of unadorned cantera and stone (with a large veranda), and the third is a bit more modern. The first has an impressive façade. Passing beneath it, you enter a dusty courtyard with three wings of surreal rooms with the remains of French tapestries and murals amidst holes in the floor and the smell of guano.

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Though the second building is less impressive, it’s even more bizarre. Unfinished walls with odd passageways, doors that lead nowhere, collapsed floors on the second story, partially dug wells and dead, dry trees. It’s still enormous and the grounds feel like a ghost town, full of dry grasses and dust.

Sean and Mittie | Ex-Hacienda Jaral de Berrio 2
Sean and Mittie | Ex-Hacienda Jaral de Berrio 1

We’ve yet to explore the third, but stay tuned and we’ll update you as soon as we head back!

  • Donna Sharpe
    Posted at 17:48h, 10 March Reply

    Beautiful pictures!!! what a great place to visit !!!

    Thanks for sharing


  • Sandra Sanford
    Posted at 15:06h, 11 March Reply

    Love this…all the old architecture, such character, charm and old world elegance shines through amidst the aged walls. Exactly where in the state of Guanajato? I formerly lived in San Miguel de Allende and am very interested in the history. Absolutely thrilling!

    • Mittie Roger
      Posted at 05:09h, 14 June Reply

      The Ex-hacienda is about 2 hours outside of San Miguel, toward Dolores Hidalgo, and then San Felipe. Thanks for your comments!

    • Mittie Roger
      Posted at 18:00h, 23 February Reply

      Thank you, Sandra!

  • al Tirado
    Posted at 14:15h, 27 January Reply

    The pictures are wonderful, the models enhance the beauty of the place, but… How come in the last picture you make the model to put her boot on the wall and scratch it?

    • Mittie Roger
      Posted at 17:59h, 23 February Reply

      Hi Al, I’m the model in all of the photos and we were careful to place the foot against the wall without scuffing it.

  • Alejandro LF
    Posted at 10:00h, 15 June Reply

    Hi! Great information you have posted here, and fantastic pictures!! Did you
    requested any permission to take photos or to access to the Hacienda and take the photographs?

    • Mittie.Roger
      Posted at 10:10h, 15 June Reply

      Absolutely! We always work in conjunction with the family who owns the property. They are lovely people. Thanks for your comment, Alejandro!

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