Let’s Make Magic Together

Venture Now with Sean and Mittie is the brainchild of photographer and artistic visionary Sean Reagan and MFA holding writer and tech extraordinaire, Mittie Roger. Travelblogger is an overused term – these two are professionals. Meet the media branch of adventure travel duo Sean and Mittie; together they represent a decade of passion in and around travel & media. They are idea generators.

Advertising / Sponsorship

Want to be a part of Sean and Mittie? We love working with brands, products and services that we believe in. From native advertising to sponsorship, we offer several packages that allow you to tap into our network of global adventurers, digital nomads and freelancers.

Web Design

Like our look? We design websites that are beautiful and professional, while still simple enough for you to take over when the process is done. We provide professional photography, logo design, and any additional graphic design you may need. Once your perfect design has been created, you’ll be empowered to comfortably add new images, text, or change any detail you choose on your own.

Content Generation

Enjoy reading Sean and Mittie’s articles or checking out our graphics and photos? We can create content for your business or brand. We offer unique content creation, from posts to articles, brand-specific ghostwriting, editing and translation of existing text, and consultations.


Let Sean Reagan Photography capture your brand through product photography or brand collaborations. Packages include high-res images that can be used for your website & social media outlets.

Social Media

Want to promote your business on social media, but don’t want to spend all your time doing it? We create and manage digital marketing campaigns built for your individual needs, targeting the millions of social media users just waiting to hear about what you have to offer.

Press Trips

Want to invite us on a press trip so the world can get to know you better? Collaborating with us on a familiarization campaign is a great way to meet our community and beyond, targeting your ideal demographics. Expect print and digital coverage of the trip.