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Canyon Road: Art Gallery Heaven

Santa Fe is famous for its art. It’s considered the third largest art market in America, just behind New York and LA. A walk down Canyon Road gives insight into this culture of art with more than a hundred galleries and every different style of art imaginable. We enjoyed walking Canyon Road. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Chalk Farm Gallery

Firstly, these guys always have a Michael Parkes exhibit, which may well be my favorite artist. I was so excited to see that they had his art, I squealed audibly. I’ve been inspired by his work since I was an adolescent and continually discover something new when I revisit his work. They also had an artist named Robert Bisell, who paints beautiful images of nature like bears and elephants. One of his images, Moon Walkers, shows a long line of rabbits staring at the recent super moon which happened on June 23rd. A lovely and attentive woman named Shannan told us all about it before showing us some beautiful, surrealistic pieces by Victor Bregeda.

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  1. Turner Carroll

Rex Ray was what pulled us into this gallery. The vibrant colors and unexpected mixture of homemade papers called to us from the window. We learned about Rex Ray and his collage work, though as soon as Steven showed us his graphic design work, we recognized it. Rex Ray designed all the 90’s Bowie images as well as Page and Plant, Radiohead and a whole host of other musical greats. We’re happy to see he’s turned to his own personal inspiration
because it’s just plain awesome.

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  1. Selby Fleetwood Gallery

Currently, this gallery has an exhibition called A New American Botanical by MF Cardamone. Everett chatted with us about the intriguing series, mixing 18th and 19th century botanicals with a contemporary flare. It reminded me of the hybrid work I enjoyed so much during grad school, playing with text and image, and blurring the boundaries between.

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  1. Wiford Gallery

The thing we dug about this gallery was its sculpture garden, full of patina covered mobiles, water features and rock furniture. Windmill-like sculptures spun in the wind making beautiful designs while the tranquil sounds of the water features kept us strolling around the garden.

What are your favorite galleries on Canyon Road? Share in the Comments Below!

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