Rover maintenance door stud

Broken Door Stud – Rover Maintenance

Broken door stud

I overtightened an old, rusted door stud and it snapped – leaving almost nothing to get a grip on.

After surfing the Land Rover discussion boards, I learned that there are a couple of ways one can deal with this problem. Our first plan was to tac-weld another bolt onto the broken bolt and then unscrew normally. If this failed, we’d have to bore out the core of the existing stub without damaging the thread.

The tac-welding did not hold enough to do the job and, although we tried to get a grip on the piece of stud that remained, we ultimately had to bore out the remaining fragment. It was a delicate job but we finally got the piece out without damaging the thread.

Sean and Mittie | Broken Door Stud - Rover Maintenance 2

The new door studs from Rovers North went in smoothly and the windows definitely came in handy during Guatemala’s rainy season.

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