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Best Chicken and Waffles in Austin

Looking for the best Chicken and Waffles in Austin?

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I know I’ve already had one chicken and waffle rant in my Louisiana food blog, but I just don’t feel I’ve driven the point home yet. There are many parts of the world, and dare I say America, who’ve not tried this delicacy. The time is now, friends.

My first Chicken and Waffles were at Icenhauers on a Bloody Mary Sunday when I went to see the fantastic Horseshoes and Handgranades play. I must confess, my primary motivation in trying them was the price: free. I wasn’t that gung-ho on the idea, but quickly realized there is something to the savory, crunchy chicken skin and the honey butter waffle. This ignited an Austin-wide hunt for the very best chicken and waffles.

I tried many places because this seems to have become an obsession for many in Austin (True for other areas of Texas? Please comment below!). Bacon, a restaurant that includes bacon in every dish on their menu, makes a pretty mean chicken and waffle – probably made so good by deep frying the chicken in bacon grease (Is that possible?)

But my standing favorite in Austin is 24hour Diner on South Lamar and West 6th Street. Wow. Everything there is great, including the free-refill organic iced tea, the mac and cheese, and the farm to table options. However, their Chicken and Waffles are unreal.

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