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Belibeya Festival, in its eleventh year, was the first Tribal style belly dance festival in Mexico. What pretell is Tribal style belly dance? It’s an art form I fell in love with a few years ago here in Mexico, studying with Elsanne Barrows one of the two key sources of this dance in Mexico. She and Xiaron Kerr originally brought tribal style from the states to our beautiful country, where it has spread like rabbits reproduce. It’s happening this year on April 20-23, 2017 in affiliation with Libelula Dance Studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Tribal Style belly dance springs from folkloric and contemporary dances of the Middle East and Mediterranean Region, including Northern Africa, and influenced by provincial dances of Eastern and Northern India. Dancers embody elements of tribes along the Gypsy Trail as well, fusing ethnic costuming to create a fantasy of exotic cultures. The sharp turns and boisterous postures are reminiscent of Flamenco dancing while the music, like the steps, spans the globe.  Tribal Style belly dance creatively blends many ethnic dance styles, evoking feelings of exotic locales and mythical eras. Hand-embroidered silks and woolens, authentic jewelry and coins, and Banjara textiles make up the entrancing costumes. The dance itself combines feminine dignity, sensuality, spirituality, beauty and strength.

Tribal Style belly dance isn’t usually choreographed, but rather improvised. A lead dancer, who alternates throughout the performance, guides the other dancers through visual and verbal cues. When a cohesive, experienced group performs this style of improvisation, an exciting sense of community arises. Certainly studying under some of the greats of this style creates an immense and inspiring sense of community, which is exactly what Belibeya always manages to do. The classes are inspiring and the show, inspired. If you’re visiting San Miguel during this time – don’t miss it!

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