Sean Reagan Photography

About Sean Reagan

Sean’s photography is a contribution to the visual record of changing cultures in Latin America – documenting peoples and customs evolving together in an increasingly interdependent world.

Prior to leaving Washington, DC in 2009 to pursue his photography in Mexico, Sean conducted policy research with the Brookings Institution and the Inter-American Development Bank.

In 2014, The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard exhibited Sean’s documentary photography on Mexico and Central America in Mexico City. The exhibition featured the Migrant Project, which examined migrants’ realities along their perilous route.

Sean is currently a Writer-in-Residence with the University of Papaloapan in Oaxaca, where he and Mittie are preparing projects for publication while exploring Mexico’s verdant southern states.

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About Mittie Babette Roger

An MFA holding creative writer, Mittie’s book of short stories, Aurora, was published in December of 2013 after its title story, Aurora, received second place in the 2012 Richard Bausch contest. Her writing has appeared in Land Rover Monthly, Rovers Magazine, Our Stories, Monkey Puzzle Literary Magazine and Fuse. From the jungles of Ghana to the lakes of Bolivia, the rainy knolls of Romania to the beaches of Greece, the mountains of Peru to the tobacco fields of Cuba, the misty mountains of Guatemala and intensively throughout Mexico, Mittie started her travel blog in 2010 and has been writing faithfully since.

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