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A Smashing Weekend in San Miguel de Allende

I can’t tell you guys how many emails I receive asking for suggestions of things to do in San Miguel de Allende, and after 7 years here it’s no surprise. If I listed out all the recommendations I have for our fair city the list would make you dizzy. So instead, I’m going to give a few great selections in several categories giving you some fantastic options for your visit.


Cafe Zaguan

Sean and Mittie | A Smashing Weekend in San Miguel de Allende 6

A long standing favorite, this café has delicious food and coffee at very reasonable prices. We particularly love their breakfasts, great coffee, and juices and you can find us there a couple of times a week.  They also host different types of art events, classes, music and mescal tastings, truly one of San Miguel’s gems. 12 Zacateros. Find more on them here.


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This Mexican restaurant serves incredible traditional food, including the best Chiles Nogada that I have tried in my life, which is my favorite Mexican dish to begin with. This says a lot. Mesones 101.

Cantina Los Milagros

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A super relaxed environment, this restaurant serves delicious lava bowls full of meats and salsas (pictured above), as well as other traditional mexican dishes, salads, amazing chicken quesadillas (trust me; they are special) and 2-for-1 cocktails including Mango margs and Strawberry daiquiris on weekdays. This locale is definitely a personal favorite.

Mi Casa Su Casa Bistro

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Arguably the best view in the city, this gem requires a reservation. Known for their spectacular live music, guided by famed musician Gil Gutierrez, this place fills up fast. When Gil isn’t playing Carnegie Hall, he’s here in the bistro, or at Zandunga on Sundays, backed by a full band and they are truly a delight to hear. simple but delicious bistro food makes this hot spot a town favorite. Read more on Mi Casa Su Casa Bistro here.


Santos Crudoteca

A hideaway for locals and hipsters, this spot has good live music and hosts a variety of events. This place has a great feel, delicious menu including things like an amazing poutine (!), foosball table and very drinkable beer. Callejon Los Suspiros.


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From live music, such as the unbelievably talented Lady Zen, to performance art and theater, to amazing DJs who jam all night – this is where I love to go and cut a rug. Typically more of a late night venue (with the exception of Lady Zen’s concerts), there is always some kind of artistic collaboration going on here.

La Chula

Ready for a salsa party? This is your place. Particularly Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, partially because the dance floor is less packed, but mainly because a fantastic salsa band, Soccoco, plays. Oh, and do the people dance! It’s really fun.


Sean and Mittie | A Smashing Weekend in San Miguel de Allende 7

Want a great view? This is your spot. Right off the Jardin, Azotea has an amazing sunset view, 2×1 happy hour mojitos and margaritas, and groovy electronic beats once the sun goes down. A personal favorite are the tacos rosarito – shrimp tacos wrapped in a thinly sliced jicama shell instead of tortillas and drizzled in special sauce. Right off the Jardin on Umaran, above Pueblo Viejo.


Charco Del Ingenio Botanical Gardens

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The botanical gardens are one of our treasures. Hikes through these trails will show you the diversity of plant life in our area, as well as a bird sanctuary in the reservoir. They have a lovely café with delicious food and host many interesting cultural and health-oriented activities, such as Temazcales (sweat lodges) and ceremonies.

Cañada de la Virgen

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This is a two-fold recommendation. The recently discovered pyramids just outside of San Miguel are spectacular to visit, and there are also many amazing outdoor adventures to be had in the canyon itself, such as horseback riding, hiking, rappelling, hot air balloon rides, ATV trips, hiking and more. Coyote Canyon Adventure Tours, with Rodrigo Landeros, is the perfect option to get a taste of the history and/or the adventure.


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San Miguel de Allende is surrounded by natural hotsprings, opening up some serious option for relaxation. Our favorites are La Gruta and Escondido, situated right next to one another. While they cost the same, La Gruta has a fancier feel to it – cushy chairs, massages, waiters who attend you in the hot springs. Escondido is for when you want to get away, throw your towel in the grass and not be bothered. Both have manicured gardens, offer food and beverages, and massage.


Artisan’s Market

5 blocks of everything from fruits and flowers to hand-made everything: traditional tin-plated decorations, pottery, beadwork, jewelry, catrinas …the list goes on. This is one of the first places I went wandering upon arriving in San Miguel for the first time, almost 10 years ago, and I continue to recommend it to people to visit.

Organic Market

Shopping with local vendors in an outdoor market with live music and events? A total delight. You can find natural products, food, jewelry and always some unexpected event. Plus, the food served at the market is fabulous. We particularly enjoy the lamb burgers and alfalfa water. Ancha de San Antonio, corner of Cardo.

Saturday and Sunday Art Bazaar

Next to the Organic Market in Instituto Allende, a gathering of local designers, often using organic materials, sell their wares. From fashion to home décor, there’s a beautiful array of one of a kind items to behold.

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