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A Day in Xilitla

A Day in Xilitla

Xilitla, designated as a Pueblo Magico and home to Edward James’ surrealist gardens Las Pozas, is a must-see travel destination. Surrounded in lush jungles and populated with powerful waterfalls and rivers, it is host to a wide variety of beautiful native flora and fauna. Want to know where to stay, how to get there and prices? Read on.

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Located in San Luis Potosi, Xiltla is known for its incredible natural landscapes. Verdant, humid, misty jungle surrounds the cascading waterfalls, crystal clear pools, and interconnected waterways of the region. The town of Xilitla is growing rapidly, especially after its designation as a Magic Town of Mexico, and is known for its guapangos (traditional song and dance), and abundance of fruit and coffee.

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Situated just past the small town of Xilitla (there are two …so don’t get confused!) Edward James’ surrealist gardens, created as his own personal Eden, are home to 36 architectural sculptures, spread out over almost eighty-one thousand square meters of jungle. Inspired by both Gothic and Egyptian influence, as well as the natural beauty of the area, his structures mimic everything from castles to the plants that populate the area, including staircases to nowhere and echoes of columns that fade back into the vegetation or stone.

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A friend of Dali and an avid collector of Matisse, Edward James was more than an inspired eccentric. He had a vision of an artistic reality that he spent a fortune creating over the period of 22 years.


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Casa Caracol, located on the grounds of Las Pozas is our recommendation for accommodation. A series of painted teepees house five sweet little beds, a communal kitchen and sitting area is provided, along with yoga, a labyrinth, restaurant and bar. Surrealist details decorate the space, giving it the perfect magic touch to accompany a visit to Las Pozas.

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(All prices are in Mexican pesos and per person.)
Teepee lodging: 150.00 mxn
Food: 65.00 – 85.00 mxn per meal
Entry into Las Pozas: 50.00 mxn

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Highway 120 winds through the Huasteca region to (and through) Xilitla and Las Pozas.

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    Looks beautiful!
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    We live full time in SMA, as of 9 months ago now, and look forward to adventuring out and about!
    Katie @ Los O’Gradys in Mexico

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    Great pics and great information! What a beautiful garden!

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