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After over 10 years exploring Mexico, we have a lot to share.

Mexico’s magic is varied and spectacular – from deserts to jungles, beaches to forests, Mexico boasts of everything in between. Interested in Mexico? We have quite a few things to share.

Traveling overland in remote parts of Latin America is often slow and arduous, but it’s also immensely rewarding. We’ve learned a lot of things from these travels – things about how to be a better traveler, a better steward, a better guest and even a better human being.

Our 1995 Land Rover Defender, La Poderosa, is an integral member of our team. Learn about her maintenance and mods in Latin America, read about our recent Land Rover Publications, and see our Land Rover photo gallery.

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When I moved to Mexico, I didn’t plan to stay. I thought that San Miguel de Allende would serve me as a hub to travel around Mexico for 3 years or so, at which point I’d head to Central America for the same stint, then Northern South America, and so on. But, like many pre-planned long term goals it changed – or I changed – I’m not sure which. Today it’s been 5 and a half years and I guess you could say I’ve learned some things.


Beyond all of the beauty and magic that make the city so beloved, the region is equally impressive. San Miguel de Allende is located in Guanajuato, home to its capital city, as well as many unique small towns, areas of nature, and more. ...

In the state of Guanajuato, we discovered this dilapidated treasure: the Ex-Hacienda Jaral de Berrio. On par with the opulence and decay we found in Havana, Cuba, the ex-hacienda was owned by one of the most influential families in Mexico.  Miguel de Berrio, for example, was named Marquis and acquired 99 haciendas by 1749. Ex-hacienda Jaral de Berrio functioned as the capitol of the family’s agrarian empire.


Mineral de Pozos, an old silver mining town about 45 minutes outside San Miguel de Allende, is a recently revived but still sleepy relic of Mexico’s past: narrow cobblestone streets devoid of people, picturesque abandoned and dusty landscapes, and the ghosts of miners to haunt them. It’s beautiful and strange, magical and spooky....

I can’t tell you guys how many emails I receive asking for suggestions of things to do in San Miguel de Allende, and after 7 years here it’s no surprise. If I listed out all the recommendations I have for our fair city the list would make you dizzy. So instead, I’m going to give a few great selections in several categories giving you some fantastic options for your visit.


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