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The Magic of Mexico

After over 10 years exploring Mexico, we have a lot to share.

Mexico’s magic is varied and spectacular – from deserts to jungles, beaches to forests, Mexico boasts of everything in between. Interested in Mexico? We have quite a few things to share.

Traveling overland in remote parts of Latin America is often slow and arduous, but it’s also immensely rewarding. We’ve learned a lot of things from these travels – things about how to be a better traveler, a better steward, a better guest and even a better human being.

Our 1995 Land Rover Defender, La Poderosa, is an integral member of our team. Learn about her maintenance and mods in Latin America, read about our recent Land Rover Publications, and see our Land Rover photo gallery.

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Oaxaca City is one of my favorite cities in the world. Full of art, culture and architecture, and fantastic food, there is something for every traveler. A touristy place, there are some expensive restaurants, galleries and areas of town, however, under the skin of this city there is a true bohemian pulse....

Nestled in the cold, high mountains of the Sierra Madre, this beautiful colonial city is the cultural capital of Chiapas. ...

Meet the Zapotecs, the “cloud people”, who lived in the central valley of Oaxaca. From 500 BCE until 900 CE, their capital was the magnificent Monte Albán. Rivaling Teotihuacan and Tikal in size and grandeur, recent archeological evidence suggests that it may actually be “the first city in ancient Mesoamerica” (1), dating back to 1150 BCE. ...

Just 27 miles South-East of Oaxaca City sits the town of Mitla, home to an archeological site at the heart of Zapotec culture and one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors of Oaxaca. While we tend to avoid “touristy” locations, we can also appreciate that epic places will often attract visitors. Such is the case with Mitla....

Welcome to one of the wildest places in Mexico. Despite being a tourist destination, it’s so unique and bizarre that it’s totally worth the visit. Natural rock formations pour over the cliff like melting ice cream, overflowing 200 feet down the sides of the mountain. ...

Frans purchased a 1959 Series 2 109 Land Rover for long-term living so he could explore the West Coast of the United States and the Baja Peninsula....

San Miguel de Allende is just the best. I really, really love it and am so grateful to call it home. Around these parts though, everyone talks about how good it is to come back to San Miguel because much of the local and expat community travel a lot or divide their time between San Miguel and other places. ...

Adventure is somehow best when it’s unexpected. In Hidalgo State, central-eastern Mexico, we find ourselves in one of the oldest protected forests in Mexico, El Chico National Park. This is precisely the type of place we spend our adventures looking for, hunting through locals’ recommendations and research to find the most precious gems, but this time, it was a total accident....

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