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Sean and Mittie | Patagonia 6


Community Voices: a place to share guest articles from esteemed writers, colleagues, and artists of other mediums. Spreading and sharing the travel love! Today, we’ll be hearing from Tristan Libault at about Patagonia (a place Sean and I will be traveling to soon!)

Do you know Patagonia? The huge ice fields, the boat cemeteries, the Southern right whales and the Route of the Seven Lakes? There are so many things to discover in one of the most southern parts of the world. Take your down jacket, put on your gloves and go south to live an unforgettable adventure!

Sean and Mittie | Patagonia 5

The Little House on the Prairie

Are you looking for a heaven of peace in the sublime landscapes of the Andes Mountains? San Martín de Los Andes is perfect for you! Calmer than its cousin Bariloche, San Martín de Los Andes exudes the same atmosphere of a peaceful mountainous ski station. From the wood chalets to the outdoor activities like climbing or rafting and bathing in the pleasant banks of the Lácar Lake, San Martín de Los Andes is a town for adventure first and foremost. Try the ski runs of the Chapelco ski station in winter or enjoy trekking in Andes.

Sean and Mittie | Patagonia 7

Hit the Road Jack

Furthermore, San Martin de Los Andes is one of the first gates to the Route of the Seven Lakes which extends to Villa Angostura for 107 kilometres in splendid landscapes. Hit the road and let your senses be your guide. You like the turquoise colour? The Correntoso Lake will surely amaze you with its bluish-green water. Want to fish trout or salmon? Enjoy a miraculous catch of fish with your feet in the water of the Nahuel Huapi Lake. You love yourself? Like Narcissus, admire your reflection in the crystal-clear water of the fascinating Espejo Lake. Take care not to drown! Take advantage of this road-trip to observe the magnify lenguas forests and snowy mountains of the Nahuel Huapi and Lanín National Park. Forget any notion of time, live it up and just seize the day. Nothing more. Let’s continue!

Sean and Mittie | Patagonia 8

Ice Age

Go south and come to Southern Patagonia, the country of ice and cold! The city of El Calafate is the base of the region for those who want to do trekking in the region and face the many summits. Did you know that the ex presidential couple Nestor and Cristina Kirchner used to have their holiday residence there? In this region you’ll be able to visit one the many estancias of the regions to get an overview of the gauchos’ life. Maybe you’ll ride a horse in the desert Patagonian steppe. Face the fresh wind in the neck of your mount and feel a small air of freedom… If you’re an adventurer, you can do trekking in Chile in the Torres del Paine National Park which is a real wonder, with its three mountain peaks hidden by the clouds which are 2,900 meters high! This Park contains a part of the 47 glaciers of the Patagonian Ice Fields: admire this bright white hugeness which extends on 22,000 km2! Don’t miss the glacier Perito Moreno which is one of the most mobile and accessible in the world. It’s very rare to observe so near a glacier! Enjoy the view and maybe try to climb up on the monster!

Sean and Mittie | Patagonia 3

Till the world end

Tierra del Fuego. Sounds great to you? That’s why this region of the world has become objects of all fantasies. The atmosphere of the end of the world is really present there: from the boats cemeteries of the Canal Beagle to the lonely Ushuaia beacon, from the Cap Horn, the most southern point of South America to the violent southern winds, you’ll live there a very immersive experience. Walk in the Tierra del Fuego National Park between the beaver dams and the Magellan’s cormorants. In this park, there are about 90 bird species. Take a rest at Ushuaia, the most southern city on the world located between the Andes Mountains and the Canal Beagle. Enjoy its mountainous Patagonian environment and let yourself be charmed by the magnificent landscapes as seen from the bay.

Sean and Mittie | Patagonia 4

Do you like sea elephants?

You can’t resist being in front of a cute kitten? You love pets? You’ll adore the sea lions of the Valdes Peninsula! Located in the north-western Patagonia, it’s a huge reserve of marine wildlife: you may see sea elephants, dolphins, killer whales and the superstar of Puerto Pirámides, the Southern Right Whales! Sail with the whales, you won’t believe your eyes! Did you know that it can weighs more than 80 tonnes! You may also observe terrestrial fauna like guanacos, penguins, foxes, nandous etc. On the birds Island, you can observe a rich avian fauna with cormorants, pink flamingos, herons, seagulls etc. You won’t be disappointed!

Sean and Mittie | Patagonia 2
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