Iguazu: a trip at the heart of the jungle - Sean and Mittie
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Sean and Mittie | Iguazu: a trip at the heart of the jungle 1

Iguazu: a trip at the heart of the jungle

Community Voices: a place to share guest articles from esteemed writers, colleagues, and artists of other mediums. Spreading and sharing the travel love! Today, we’ll be hearing from Tristan Libault from Argentina Excepcion about Iguazu Falls.

Want to get wet? Discover Iguazu Falls, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Argentina. Every day, Iguazu Falls attract many tourists who want to observe this astonishing sight! Let’s go with the travel agency Argentina Excepcion!

Iguazu Falls have been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1984. Today, there are 275 waterfalls in Iguazu located on the border between Argentina and Brazil. The rate of the flow and the power of the falls come to an average of 1,800 cubic meters per seconds.

Sean and Mittie | Iguazu: a trip at the heart of the jungle 1

You can visit the Iguazu National Park both on the Argentinean side and on the Brazilian side. The Brazilian side gives you a panoramic view over the falls, which is really pleasant. We encourage you to start your trip by visiting the Brazilian side. It’s shorter than the Argentinean part, and this way you can gradually discover the beauty of this site, from a distant vision to a real experience at the heart of the jungle. On the Brazilian side, the overall perspective of the falls is impressive! Moreover, don’t miss the bird’s park in Brazil, it’s certainly worth a visit: from the toucans to the parrots and the vencejo, this small bird that one can only find in this region of the world, this place is a must-see for those who like exotic birds!

Sean and Mittie | Iguazu: a trip at the heart of the jungle 5

Then, go to the Argentinean side and enter the mystery! In this part of the natural site, you can enjoy the falls from all angles! There are two paths: one upper path which gives you an overview of the falls, and one lower path which enables you to get closer to the falls. Wander in the green luxurious vegetation and discover the many waterfalls that are waiting for you!

Sean and Mittie | Iguazu: a trip at the heart of the jungle 4

Take a boat and go to the Isla San Martín to be in a haven of peace at the centre of the river. Walk on the desert beach and climb up the watch point! If you feel like an adventurer, you can also choose to take a boat and enter the falls! This is a truly amazing experience and you will get wet from head to toe! You’ll approach the Garganta del Diablo, which is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. The Guaranis’ legend says that it was a large snake named Boa who created this big geological fault.Just stay in front of it and think about the smallness of your existence on the earth.

Sean and Mittie | Iguazu: a trip at the heart of the jungle 2

Do you know that many animals live in the Iguazu site? Don’t be surprised if you see many coatis: these small mammals aren’t afraid of humans and they will approach when they smell food! Don’t worry, they’re not very aggressive but they can bite you if they feel threatened! In the same way, if you raise your eyes, you’ll see little monkeys in the exotic trees! You can also see many endangered species like the jaguar, the jacares (caimans) in the river, or the ocelot. You won’t be disappointed!

So are you ready to visit the Iguazu Falls?