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Hooper and Comite: Baton Rouge Hiking Trails

When visiting Baton Rouge, I love to go to my old tried and true hiking trails through the swamp, though when I mention them to Friends back home, I get blank stares. There are hiking trails in Baton Rouge? Not only are there hiking trails, but their quite unique and beautiful (though flat) because of the swampy terrain surrounding the paths. Read on for more about Baton Rouge Hiking Trails.

I first found these awesome hiking trails while training to climb Machu Picchu. Coming from a life at sea-level, I knew a 4 day hike along the Inca Trail at 13,000 feet needed a little (i.e. a lot) of preparation. And not just a lazy walk through the Andes either, it was to be 4 days of 12 hour, fast-paced hiking …carrying all my own gear. That may not sound too impressive, I mean, who doesn’t carry their own gear? Well the answer is not one other person on the trail, except my hiking partner. Everyone else hired Peruvian locals to carry their things …but I digress …

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Training meant having a place to train. It meant loading my pack to the ideal weight for the trip and hiking for at least 6 hours at a time to prepare my body. And for weeks, Hooper and Comite trails were my home. I was often surprised by how solitary they were, apart from a few cyclists, the trails are barely used at all. Beautiful flora and fauna at every turn, what else could someone seeking the outdoors ask for?

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To get to the Hooper Trails take I-110 to the Baton Rouge Airport Exit onto Harding Blvd. north toward Plank Rd. Harding Blvd. will become Hooper Rd. at the first red light. Stay on Hooper Rd. until you get to the next red light, turn left onto Cedar Glen in the Sharon Hills neighborhood. When Cedar Glen dead ends, turn right onto Guynell. Continue on Guynell for two blocks and you will be at the entrance of Hooper Road Park. The trailhead is on the left as you enter the parking lot.

Here is a map of the trails themselves

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