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Dia de Los Locos: A San Miguel Favorite

I love Dia de los Locos. It brings out the crazy in even the calmest, most mild mannered folk. It’s an annual parade all about expression, freedom, and whatever inspires your wild side. 60 years running, this parade has expanded from 200 dancers to 15,000!

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San Miguel de Allende is host to this outrageous event, filling its streets, balconies, and roofs with onlookers, curious what the parade may bring. Spectators cheer for the most interesting and creative costume and participants of the parade throw out treats, Mari Gras style, to encourage the audience.

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One of my favorite elements of this holiday is the breaking of socio-cultural norms that isn’t only permitted, but expected. Throw tradition out the window – today you can be whomever or whatever you want to be. Whether you’re a superhero, a monster, a celebrity, an alien, a politician; decide to change genders or even species, you’ll be welcome in this original conglomeration of invented characters.

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The parade originated in a time where San Miguel was full of orchards which grew seasonal fruit like pears, apples, peaches and plums. The owners of these orchards traditionally invited their workers and their families to come and eat all they wanted to celebrate the harvest. Thusly, the tradition of dancing orchard workers came to represent thanks for a good harvest and all the good things that had come that year.

When spectators became too much, the dancers started wearing masks and carrying dead animals to keep them away. This how they earned the name “los locos” and now, have allowed the name to reach its full potential.

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Have you been to Los Locos? Share your thoughts and comments with me below!


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