Sean and Mittie | A Wrestling Match in San Miguel de Allende 2

A Wrestling Match in San Miguel de Allende


Wrestling matches, called Las Luchas, originated in Mexico. The WWF doesn’t want you to know that, not that anyone watches them anyway. The funny thing is that even though everyone knows it’s choreographed the WWF wants you to take them seriously. Not so with the Mexican Luchadores. They know how to cut loose and have a good time.

I was about 4 tequilas deep before the fights. My tickets were ringside which were both advantageous for the shots my camera could catch, and disadvantageous for the flying midgets who were known to breach the barriers between the crowd and the stage when hurled from the ring. I was expecting at minimum a little blood splatter and at most a Jerry-Springer style chair throw in my direction. Tequila seemed like the obvious option.

Sean and Mittie | A Wrestling Match in San Miguel de Allende 4

What I appreciated most about the Mexican wrestlers was their sense of humor. Moves like a finger bite or a nipple pinch weren’t out of the question. They get their feelings hurt and storm out of the ring only to hug, make up and re-enter. They’d taunt each other with lines like, “that’s how I play with my wife!” My favorite move was the penis twister which was just as awful as it sounds. When it comes down to the ball kick versus the penis twister, the latter wins every time.

Sean and Mittie | A Wrestling Match in San Miguel de Allende 5

My favorite wrestlers were the evils clowns; they win best costumes. Then there was Chessman, who for what he lacked in costume (which was slightly more than pantyhose with major runs) he made up for in his outrageous Bruce-Lee-Crow meets Hellboy makeup.

Sean and Mittie | A Wrestling Match in San Miguel de Allende 3

Personality plus goes out to Octagoncito, the larger of the two midgets who had amazing gymnastic form and a Samauri look that won him major fashion points. Best effort goes to Mascarita Sagrada, who was the smaller of the two midgets and got thrown from the ring and tag-teamed a lot. He seemed to keep his chin up, even when the psycho clowns tried to remove his mask (gasp!) exposing his identity to the world.

Sean and Mittie | A Wrestling Match in San Miguel de Allende 1

Yep. Worst Dressed goes to Tarzan.

Worst personality goes to Electroshock who’s highlights and Man-in-the-Iron-Mask face-piece made him look inherently more angry than he was.

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